Saturday, May 21, 2005

Brad, The answers are:

This doesn't have anything to do with Frugal Living, but when the gauntlet has been dropped the answers must come forth.

List five things that people in your circle of friends or peer group are wild about, but you can’t really understand the fuss over.

1) Current day sitcom TV. - I can’t even watch the sitcoms of today. People are always tearing each other down & they would do anything for a laugh. I don’t like the reality TV either. I tried to watch one of the episodes of the Sports Illustrated model search. Those girls were beautiful but they spit and clawed to get the one million dollar contract they were after, just not my cup of herbal tea.

2) All the hype about Colin Farrell. - What a jerk! Give me Orlando Bloom instead. I loved him in “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

3) Football – Sorry guys, I just cannot get interested in the game. When the kids were in high school, I would go to the football games to watch them play their instruments in band and cheer them on. I never could get into the game itself. NOW Baseball is another story. I love every aspect of the game.

4) What is this fascination with Mini-vans? - No way Jay! There is not one out there that I like. I’ll take a car any day.

5) Green Jello salad. - Many of my friends have lived in the great state of Utah and they consume more green jello than any other state. I don’t hate it, but I would rather have brownies. Now my waistline would prefer “sugar-free” jello. I guess you know what wins out.

OK now, who do I wish to take this challenge:
1) Ethne – Pole Dancing in the dark
2) Linda – Civilization Calls
3) Barb – Catscape
4) Jason – Nerdy Conservative
5) Tony – Red Mind in a Blue State

There you go Brad! Thanks for the challenge! This feels like a wave, is it going to make it back around?


At 10:57 PM, Blogger Roseville Conservative said...

Lucy, thanks for your support of my blog.

I really appreciate your clarity of thought.

This blog is now totally you!!!

At 10:12 AM, Blogger Barb said...

Okay, let's see if I'm up to the challenge. Never could resist one.

Five things that people in my circle of friends or peer group are wild about, but I can’t really understand the fuss over.

1) Clay Aiken. Okay, enough already. He's a good singer, but do you have to worship him? Get over it already.

2) Hummers. Guys love them. Women want guys who have them. These things are clunky looking pieces of metal and steel. yuck

3) Hiking. Oh, the scenery is beautiful. The fresh air is invigorating. But give me a nice hotel room on the top of the mountain and I'll enjoy the scenery and fresh air that way.

4) Camping. Bugs, lukewarm beans, bugs, leaky tents, bugs. Nuff said. Oh, did I mention bugs?

5) Strong perfume. Gives me a headache, literally. Strong perfumes, no matter how much they cost, give me migraines. So, please ladies, if you want to smell purty, shower regularly, maybe use a nice mild body lotion, but take it easy on the perfume. And that goes for the men too.

As an aside, Lucy, I am totally with you on the football, mini vans, and green jello. However, give me Johnny Depp over Orlando Bloom any day! And I hate to admit this, but I am a reality tv junkie. Except I draw the line at Survivor and Fear Factor... can't stand the bugs. LOL

At 11:20 AM, Blogger Nerdy Conservative said...

Thanks, Lucy!

My Five Things:

At 2:17 PM, Blogger Linda said...


OK, here goes:

1. Anything about Ben Affleck and his Jennifer-of-the-day. Self-involved performers "in love" (for now). Who cares?

2. The Michael Jackson trial. Seems to me that there are more important things than what the Sequined Cadaver wore to court today.

3. Two words: American. Idol.


4. Subarus, and the people who drive them. Anything that palpably powered by Smugness makes me wish for roof-mounted cannon.

5. Flavored coffee. Most of it tastes like a$$. It's OK in a pinch, but I can add my own cream and sugar, thanks.

Your webspace is off to a great start, Lucy. I think you have an awesome idea and a great topic. Were you aware of They have a similar mission, and if you check it out and like their content, they might be a worthy addition to your blogroll.

Keep it up, hon. I'm eagerly awaiting your posts.


At 9:32 PM, Blogger Lucy Stern said...

Thanks, Barb, Linda and Jason. It just gives a little more insight into our personalities.

Linda, I checked out the website and it looked great.

Barb, I love camping and hiking. The bugs don't seem to bother me very much. They love TF. I don't like Hummers either.

At 9:58 AM, Blogger ethne said...

Hey Lucy,
Love the site... I will get to the answers of your questions as soon as I can. I hope you don't mind if I publish them as a blog entry instead of taking up room in your comments sections. :D

At 10:56 AM, Blogger Lucy Stern said...

Ethne, Go right ahead.


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