Thursday, May 26, 2005

Saving with an Entertainment Book

For the last 14 to 15 years I have purchased an entertainment book. They cost $20.00 in Houston and I have saved way more than I paid for the book. If you like to save money, you will want an entertainment book.

They have discounts for:
1) Fine Dining at fancy restaurants - Usually buy one / get one free.
2) They also have coupons for Whataburger, Sonic, Murphy’s Deli, Souper Salad, Arby’s, Domino’s Pizza, Baskin Robbins, Krispy Kreme, Papa John’s and many more.
3) They have coupons for attractions in your area: Example – 50% off Astro games on certain days, AMC theatre tickets, Museum of Natural Science, Burke/Baker Planetarium, Ringling Bros. Circus, Disney on Ice, Movies and Plays, and many other attractions.
4) Travel – Discounts on airline tickets, rental cars, Carnival Cruises, Universal Studios Resort, Busch Gardens, Sea World & etc.
5) Guaranteed best rates on Hotels all over the country.
6) Home, Garden and Auto – dry cleaner coupons, oil changes, Midas repairs, car washes, & etc.
7) Retail and service – Department store coupons, Grocery store discounts, shoe repair, florists, and much more.

The coupons I like the most are the ones for the grocery stores. They have a coupon, for two different stores in my area, that offers $5.00 off when you spend $ 50.00 or more. I make sure I have my $50.00 worth of groceries and then hand the checker the $5.00 coupon first. Once the total goes under $50.00 then the $5.00 coupon won’t work any longer. After you give them the $5.00 coupon, then you can give them your other grocery coupons (doubled and tripled) and end up spending quiet a bit less. They have a coupon for each and every month of the year. $5.00 x 12 = $60.00.

TF and I use quiet a few coupons from the book and I would say that we save about $300 to $500. a year using this one coupon book. I remember when the kids would go out on a date, they would look to see if I had coupons for the places they were going. One year Bonnie’s friend Nicole used one of the coupons for her dinner out on prom night. She and her date saved about $30.00 on dinner.

These coupon books come out in September and go thru October of the next year. Right now the Entertainment books are marked down to half price. You can go to and check it out. Pick out the area that you live in and it will show you what is available in your area. I am not being paid by Entertainment, I really use the book.

Tomorrow’s blog: Tips on Grocery shopping.


At 10:08 PM, Blogger T. F. Stern said...

Sorry guys, she's already spoken for.

At 1:08 AM, Blogger Roseville Conservative said...

Ours are $45 out here and are as thick as a phone book...

At 1:42 AM, Blogger John & Elaine said...

They are well worth what you pay for!


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