Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Top 10 Turkey Tips.....

Whether you're tackling a Thanksgiving turkey for the first or hundredth time, our top 10 tips will ensure your big bird is the best it can be. From the Food Network.

1. Thawing a frozen turkey requires patience. The safest method is to thaw turkey in the refrigerator. Be sure to plan ahead — it takes approximately 3 days for a 20 pound turkey to fully defrost.

2. For crisper skin, unwrap the turkey the day before roasting and leave it uncovered in the refrigerator overnight.

3. Cooking times will differ depending on whether your bird was purchased fresh or frozen. Plan on 20 minutes per pound in a 350 degree F oven for a defrosted turkey and 10 to 15 minutes per pound for fresh.

4. A turkey will cook more evenly if it is not densely stuffed. Consider adding flavor by loosely filling the cavity with aromatic vegetables — carrots, celery, onion or garlic work nicely — or by carefully tucking fresh herbs underneath the breast skin. For the stuffing lovers, cook the dressing in a casserole dish on the side.

5. For even roasting, truss your turkey.

6. Before roasting, coat the outside of the turkey with vegetable or olive oil, season with salt and pepper and tightly cover the breast with aluminum foil to prevent over-browning (it will be removed in step 7).

7. Don't be a peeping tom (no pun intended)! Once you get the turkey in the oven, resist the temptation to open the oven door and admire your handiwork. When the oven temperature fluctuates, you're only increasing the likelihood of a dry bird. About 45 minutes before you think the turkey is done, remove the foil from the breast to allow it to brown.

8. Remove the turkey from the oven when the deepest spot between the leg and the breast reads 180 degrees F on an instant-read thermometer. Check the internal temperature of the stuffing as well; it should be at least 165 degrees.

9. Tent the bird with foil and let rest for about 15 minutes before carving. If you need more time to make gravy, heat up side dishes, etc., you can let the turkey set for up to an hour without losing too much heat. Note from Lucy: Resting the turkey is one of the most important tips......

10. Remember to carve your turkey with a very sharp or electic knife.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Remember to thank your Heavenly Father for all the he has given you.... I am grateful for all of my blogging friends.....


At 6:27 PM, Blogger Diane@Diane's Place said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Lucy! :o)

Love and hugs,


At 9:35 PM, Blogger butterflygirl said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

At 5:26 AM, Blogger LZ Blogger said...

Lucy ~ I hope you and your family have a GREAT Thanksgiving! We all have much to be thankful for! ~ jb///

At 3:08 PM, Blogger Jamie Dawn said...

I'll be cooking our turkey tomorrow, so thanks for posting these tips. I did not know the part about leaving the bird in the frig overnight in without it's wrapping if you want a crispy skin. I will do that.

I wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving, filled with lots of joyous conversation and good food.

At 4:17 PM, Blogger Cecil said...

Happy Thanksgiving! It's gonna be warmer here... 63 degrees!

At 11:33 PM, Blogger Jim said...

Hey Lori, you and family have a Happy Thanksgiving!

The turkey one more thing. Get the gibblets out as soon as it thaws. If you forget and leave them inside they don't cook very good in the plastic.

We will be at the Black Eyed Pea with Karen and Billy tomorrow in Katy. Mrs. Jim has some turkey cooked for left overs.

Do you put raisins in your dressing? Regis does.
We didn't go to the 50th NASA thing. Our facility didn't open until 1964 so it wasn't us that had the 50. I did think about it, our groups (Flight Control and Flight Operations) wer rendezvousing.

At 9:16 AM, Blogger CA said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

At 5:11 PM, Blogger Jess said...

Hope you are having a wonderful and blessed day!

Love, Jess

At 6:05 PM, Blogger Fred said...

If only I read this earlier, I could have given it to The Missus. Oh, well.

Happy Thanksgiving, Lucy. I hope you, TF, and your family are having a great holiday!

At 11:58 AM, Blogger OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Hope your Thanksging was wonderful! Filled with Family, Friends, Fine Foodm and Fun!

To answer your question....Once those Hawk Babies actually left the nest for good....I did not knowingly see them anymore.....It was quite sad because I had so looked firward to their being around...Then, they were gone....!
But the nest is there way up in that tree up the hill, and I am hoping it will be used, once again, this year....We'll see.

At 12:19 PM, Blogger NoSurfGirl said...

invaluable advice... I haven't yet cooked my own turkey (I'm spoiled by a large family) but when I do, I'm coming back to this post. Thanks, Lucy.

At 7:39 PM, Blogger Rachel said...

Lucy, hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!!

At 8:57 PM, Blogger Oh great One said...

I hope you had a wonderful day Lucy.

At 5:44 AM, Blogger Big Dave T said...

I hope your turkey was succulent. My wife did fine with the turkey this year. It hasn't always turned out that way. Thawing has been an issue in the past.

At 10:25 PM, Blogger Mountain Mama said...

I hope your Thanksgiving was as nice as ours.
I just put four plates of leftovers in the freezer today so will have some easy dinners.
Your Turkey hints are great. We do most of them too.

At 7:42 PM, Blogger Nola @ the Alamo said...

Hi, I was just blog hopping and found you. Great turkey tips. I will be sure and let mine rest when I cook it for Christmas.
For the first time ever, I baked just the turkey breast for THanksgiving, since we weren't having a large gathering. It was perfect! I am now going to do that every time. I found that the breast cooks quicker, and because you aren't cooking a huge bird for so many hours, the breast doesn't dry out like it usually does when cooking the whole bird.


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