Thursday, July 20, 2006

Back from Vegas….

Yes, I’m back and it took me two whole days to rest up after our whirlwind weekend in Vegas. It started off with a monster headache which I did manage to get rid of before I left. I took some Benadryl about an hour before I got on the plane and it helped tremendously. TF and I sat on row 39 or 42 rows. I don’t think I have ever been on such a large plane. Twenty minutes outside of Las Vegas we hit some turbulence that lasted all the way to the airport. The man sitting next to me almost lost it, he was turning white and his hands never left the arm rests. I felt so bad for him. We made it thru the airport and headed for our rental car. The lady at the booth gave us directions to where we were staying, but we got lost anyway. After a few frustrations, we found the Westgate Flamingo Bay Resort where we were staying for the weekend.

Now, let me tell you about our room…..Wow! It was like a condo. The bedroom had a king sized bed with six pillows on it & there was a hot tub in the room. There was a nice shower in the bathroom and a dressing area. You could close off the whole area from the rest of the condo. You enter the condo thru a nice sized living room. There is a small full sized kitchen and dining area off to the right. To the left of the living room was a sitting area with a complete sound system and two comfy chairs. There were ceiling fans in the sitting area and the bedroom. Oh, I almost forgot, there was a washer and dryer off the sitting area. The couch in the living room was made of leather and it was a queen sized sofa bed. The floors were a terrazzo tile, except for the bedroom which was carpeted. I was completely impressed and felt very comfortable there. A telemarketing company had called two months ago offering a package in Las Vegas for $ 99.00 for the weekend if we would listen to one of their presentations. I would definitely say, that we go our moneys worth.

We got checked in and rested up for a while before venturing out for dinner. Just down the street from the resort, was the Rio Hotel where we decided to eat. We had been told that they had a good buffet and so we decided to try it. My favorite part of the buffet was the Prime Rib and the desert area. I circled it twice before I selected several things to try. Yummmmm…. We walked around the Casino for a while before heading to the grocery store for some goodies to put in our refrigerator in our room. TF picked out some cherries, sodas, cookies and some OJ and off we went to crash for the night.

The next morning we went to the presentation where they feed us free breakfast and tried to sell us a time share. After that we headed for the locksmith convention where we walked out feet off checking out all the booths. TF is specialized in the Auto industry so we walked quickly past the commercial and safe areas. He bought some tools and supplies and a few other things before we left. They were having a drawing for a vintage T-Bird (absolutely beautiful). We hung around for the drawing, hoping that we would win. It seems ironic that a man from Australia would win the car. I wonder how he took it home.

Both of us were a bit tired and hungry after leaving the convention so we went to the Paris Hotel and ate dinner at a small restaurant there. After dinner we walked our feet off checking out the water show at the Belagio, pulling a few slots, and just walking around on the strip. We had no problem sleeping that night.

The next morning we had to be out by 10:00am. so we packed and checked out, eating breakfast at the resort. We still had some groceries in the frig so we went to a 7-11 and purchased an ice chest to put them in. Since our plane wasn’t to depart till just after midnight, we had a full day ahead of us to kill. We drove around and ended up at the Sahara, where we parked the car and headed out for our day of checking things out. To make a long story short, we had a good time. We turned the car back in to the rental place and hopped on the shuttle to the airport. It was interesting when we went thru the radar detectors as they x-rayed TF’s bag with all the locksmith give aways inside. He told them what was in there and four people watched it as it went thru two more times, at different angles. There were several screw drivers and other medal tools inside and I guess they had to decide if he was a terrorist or not. TF offered to open the bag, but they decided that it was OK and let us go. We boarded our plane and landed, back in Houston, at 6:00am. on Monday morning. By the time we got home it was 7:00am. Both of us were exhausted and needed sleep. TF got about 2 hours before calls started coming in and I slept till 1:30pm. Back to the real world!

BTW: Did I mention that they were having a heat wave while we were in Vegas? It got up to 114 degrees while we were there. The strange part is that it was still 100 degrees at 11:00pm. It felt like you were walking around in an oven when you were outside. In Vegas you bake, in Houston you drip! It’s hot either way!

On a side note: I have been studying the first two chapters of my Ham radio book. I missed the first two classes so I am playing catch-up right now. I hope I can learn all of this by Saturday afternoon when the next class starts. This looks like it is going to be fun. Wish me luck!


At 2:24 PM, Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said...

Good luck with your ham radio!

At 4:05 PM, Blogger Oh great One said...

What a trip! I'm glad you are home safe and sound!

At 5:46 PM, Anonymous nettie said...

Ham radio? How old-fashioned and cool.

At 7:00 PM, Blogger FRIDAY'S CHILD said...

You have described the condo very well. I felt as I was there enjoying the beautiful room you were in.

At 7:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can see why it took you so long to recover!
I'm tired just reading!

At 4:47 AM, Blogger Michelle said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend. Yaaay at the aussie winning the car! I had a friend ship a car over from the states about 15 years ago, ack then it cost him $2,500AU i'd hate to think what it costs now. My bet is that guy will sell it in the States.

At 3:43 PM, Blogger BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

Sounds like you had a very fun and relaxing trip...

Hoping all is well with you, Lucy.

All the best.

At 7:59 PM, Blogger Mountain Mama said...

It sounds like you had a great time. Your room must have looked like something from "Beautiful Home" magazine.

At 12:54 AM, Blogger FRIDAY'S CHILD said...

Ooooh, I starting to envy you. That is just what I exactly need. A good rest in that kind of an environment.
Thanks for dropping by.

At 1:48 AM, Anonymous Merle said...

Hello Lucy ~~ I am glad you had such a great weekend.
I would like to wish you and your husband a very Happy Anniversary for 35
years. Well done, and many Congrats.
Also I hope your little granddaughter has a happy birthday tomorrow -24 th
My great granddaughetr turns 3 on 24 th
and my second eldest granddaughter has
a birthday on the 25th. As you say July
is a good month. Happy Anniversary.
Take care, Merle.

At 4:12 AM, Blogger Merle said...

Hi Lucy ~~ Thanks for your comment. I am glad you liked the Faith Poem.
I hope you are having a great day.
Take care, Merle.

At 1:30 PM, Blogger Big Dave T said...

"Tried to sell us a time share. After that . . . "

That's it???!!! Was this a soft sell? I usually steer clear of these types of offers because I've heard they can really ratchet up the pressure. And make you feel bad when you decline.

At 7:48 AM, Blogger Danny Sims said...

Yes, like big dave, we want details! How was the sales presentation?

Good luck with the Ham radio class.

At 3:58 PM, Blogger Lucy Stern said...

Thanks everyone for the welcome home. OK to answer your questions about the "Hard Sale" of the presentations, I will give some details.
1) Yes, they did try to sale us a time share at a price of $ 25,000 for a one week time share to be used anywhere in the world at the Westgate affiliates. I asked the guy how many other people were time sharing the same unit and they said 50. I took out my pen and multiplied $ 25,000 x 50 and came up with just shy of $1,500,000. TF and I just laughed and said "NO WAY".
2) They brought out another man who went for Deal #2. It was for $8,900. and was good for every other year. or you could split the week up for every year for the rest of your life. We thought about it for half a second and stalled with a "We'll have to think about it". Well, they wanted you to purchase on the spot and we told them that we never sign anything without talking it over first. They tried to tell us that we couldn't do that, but instead.....
3) They sent out a nice lady (named Lucille - Lucy for short) and she talked to us about option #3. She showed us a package where we could purchase 5 weeks of vacation, that could be used anywhere in the world at their resorts, for $ 495.00. You could split up the weeks into mini vacations or use the whole week. Two of the resorts were in Hawaii, and really, all over the place. We looked at the listing of resorts and decided that it was made for us. We purchased the package and was perfectly happy. We were staying at their resort and were perfectly happy with the condo feel. We would get a one bedroom package for that price and if we wanted to upgrade to a two bedroom package we could. This package worked out good for the way we travel. We would get our own transportation and pay way less than a hotel room for that period of time.
4) Now that we are considered "owners" we could eat free and have the same privilages as the owners do as far as use of the accomodations are concerned. TF and I ate free breakfast Sunday morning before we left.

They showed us around and the whole process took about an hour and a half. I would say it was a good deal.

At 10:05 PM, Blogger TC said...

Sounds like an GREAT trip! Good luck with the HAM Radio. That is too cool!

At 1:58 AM, Anonymous Nicole Humphrey said...

Goodness what a trip! Sounded great and I'm glad you're home safe and sound. I'm excited to see what happens next!

At 7:58 AM, Blogger Fred said...

Welcome back, Lucy. Sounds like you had a great trip.

The buffet at The Rio is great. They also have a seafood buffet which is very good. I'll be back there in September; I'm looking forward to it.

It is a long drive to Australia, isn't it?


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